Uow Legal Services

Uow Legal Services

For personal legal advice, please contact: UOWD is committed to supporting you through the ups and downs of student life. If you need legal advice, Dubai Courts publish a comprehensive list of lawyers and legal practitioners. As a UOWD student, you are also welcome to take advantage of our personal advice, which can help you discuss topics and fears related to personal development, relationship difficulties, family conflicts, stress and grief. The Legal Advice Clinic offers a free housing legal advice service provided by students to help you with your housing problem. You must contact us to make an appointment. It is best to send us an email or fill out an online application form and leave your details with the person in charge of the legal aid centre. The head of legal aid will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment. We do not give legal advice by phone or email. The University of Wolverhampton Legal Advice Centre provides free legal advice to the local community. Especially for those who cannot get legal help through other non-profit organizations, for example, the Citizens` Advice Office.

« The advice I get from students and other lawyers is invaluable. My case was reviewed for its individual merits and high-quality advice was given. Please click here for more information about our legal services Motor vehicle accidents can raise complex legal issues. Know your rights and what to take if you are ever involved in a car accident. Please remember that this is a student ministry that relies on volunteers. If you need urgent legal advice, you may need to consult a lawyer or seek further advice. This legal research guide is based on material from the following books. These are great resources for learning more about legal research: The Windrush Justice Clinic is run by a collaboration of partners, including the legal aid clinics of the University of Westminster, the University of Greenwich, London South Bank University, the North Kensington Law Centre, the Southwark Law Centre, the Claudia Jones Organisation, the Windrush Compensation Project and the Jigsaw House Society. In order to offer you the best possible service, we will not give you any advice at the first meeting. Students will research your case and review their advice with their academic tutor and/or an experienced lawyer. You will be invited to a follow-up interview with your study advisors within two to three weeks, who will then advise you. Alternatively, we can also advise you in writing.

If we are unable to advise you, we will try to refer you to other services that may be able to help you. The legal aid office is run by law students. First of all, we offer you an appointment for a first consultation at the center. Two students conduct the interview under the supervision of the center director (a qualified lawyer) or a research assistant (some of whom are qualified lawyers or lawyers). Local law firms also support our legal advice center and offer their services « pro bono », which means « for the common good ». If you have any questions, please contact Beverley Rizzotto, Manager of the Legal Advice Centre at legaladvice@wlv.ac.uk Westminster Law School, one of London`s leading providers of legal education. The university`s legal aid service includes preliminary legal advice on whether you have legal rights or claims, and a determination: This allows you to determine if you have a legal case or claim and what you can do to resolve it. Students are expected to process public inquiries that relate to legal issues and, in some cases, to identify other local services that may be available to them. Students also gain experience in conducting client interviews, legal research, and applying legal principles to real-world legal problems by providing general advice on employment, probate, property, and civil law issues. Volunteers will also benefit from the opportunity to practice legal writing and writing. The University`s Legal Aid Centre builds on a long tradition of student legal clinics that recognize that the community and students would benefit from experiential legal training.

The clinic`s work prioritizes the needs of the community for legal services and the interest of clients, which complements legal education in developing students` legal skills, legal experience in practice, and reflection on ethics and the conduct of legal practice. Services are currently being resumed with in-person appointments. We will try to schedule virtual appointments through Microsoft Teams if you are unable to make it to the Legal Advice Center in person. If you have a question, please contact us via the online application form, which you can access here. We do not give legal advice by phone or email. The Legal Advice Clinic has close links with a number of charitable and legal organisations, including Z2K, the North Kensington Law Centre and the Centre for Women`s Justice. We are unable to provide legal advice to staff or students on personal matters, i.e. family law or criminal law advice.

If you have a legal problem, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We also welcome recommendations from supporting or other legal organizations. We prefer people who do not qualify for legal aid and cannot afford to pay for a private lawyer. The Student Legal Services Clinic provides free confidential legal advice to current students at the University of Wollongong (UOW). This service is provided by a dedicated lawyer at the Illawarra Legal Centre. We encourage and support students in solving their own legal problems. Ongoing support in individual cases or legal representation is not provided; However, if necessary, appropriate recommendations are proposed. Free legal advice, information and recommendations from a licensed lawyer. We carry out a number of other legal advice and support projects in partnership with local community centres and charities. Please contact us for more information on these projects. The Student Legal Services Clinic website contains general information only.

This information is not a substitute for obtaining legal advice. The Student Legal Services Clinic accepts no responsibility for any action taken based on the information contained on this website or for any loss arising from reliance on the information contained on this website. If you would like legal advice on a specific issue, please contact the Student Legal Services Clinic. Free legal advice is provided by the university`s law students under the supervision of Beverley Rizzotto, director of the Legal Aid Centre, her lecturers or practicing lawyers from local law firms. E: [email protected]T: 020 3506 9626W:uowlegaladviceclinic.org.uk The Legal Department is a specialized unit that provides a wide range of in-house professional legal services to the University`s management, faculty, research and administration. Students in the Faculty of Humanities, Economics and Social Sciences can volunteer at the Legal Advisory Centre in addition to their studies. Student volunteers gain experience through experiential learning. From courses for practitioners and paralegals to university doctoral students. We have an international reputation for world-class research in law and legal practice.

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