What`s Legally Blonde 2 about

What`s Legally Blonde 2 about

Reese Witherspoon is back in Elle Woods` shoes, and this time she faces Washington! With a star-studded cast, including Sally Field, Bob Newhart and Luke Wilson, this hilarious comedy will make you want to do more. When Elle (Witherspoon) discovers that the mother of her adorable Chihuahua Bruiser is locked up in a cruel animal testing center, she travels to Washington DC to fight for animal rights and prove once and for all that America really is the land of the free. and the house of the blonde! This blonde joke is less funny the second time. While working for Congresswoman Victoria Rudd (Sally Field), she encountered skepticism and other common obstacles in Washington politics. Rudd`s associate, Timothy, sarcastically calls her « Barbie of the Capitol. » (There was even a Barbie doll based on Elle Woods. [1]) After a variety of ups and downs, including an unsuccessful attempt to improve her work environment by asking her colleagues to compliment themselves and put them in the « drinking cup, » she begins to lose faith in Washington`s politics. It`s amazing that Huffington, otherwise so stubborn, fell in love with the film. It is also amazing that two teenage girls, who have their mother as their role model, were inspired and strengthened by the bland cubit. I have a movie they can watch together: « Whale Rider. » Now there`s a big movie about women`s empowerment, and the heroine doesn`t even wear makeup. Not only did this sequel carry one of the worst titles of the year, but it also ran on the tail of a fringe film held back by the will and charm of its star, leaving expectations low at first. And there you have it – « Legally Blonde 2 » is one of those rarities – a more solid sequel than the original. This flag-waving film is still as light as a bubble, but new screenwriter Kate Kondell (Amanda Brown characters, Eve Ahlert story, Dennis Drake and Kate Kondell) and new director Charles Herman-Wurmfeld (« Kissing Jessica Stein ») play the winning aspects of « Blonde » and create a more cohesive confectionery.

The opening credits are disturbing when the hands of Elle`s friends turn the pages of an album and tell their exploits of the first film, as if the audience was as bubble-headed as Delta Nu. Step into the irrepressible cubit by swinging a pink diamond (not heart-shaped like JLo – no imitating fashion statements here) and the hearts of his new law firm`s secretarial pool. After a hilarious slideshow presentation with Bruiser`s abandoned background as an indictment against the company`s client, It`s Magnificent, Elle`s new job is no more, but fiancé Emmett (Luke Wilson, « Charlie`s Angels: Full Throttle ») is behind her DC crusade and she goes to the office of MP Victoria Rudd (Sally Field). She dresses for her first day at the Capitol of the Nation and judges different outfits. « In Nancy. To Hillary. To Monica. Too perfect!  » she announces a pink suit inspired by Jackie-O and a pillbox, but in a running gag, everyone she meets shows her in room 216 for internal recording.

Rudd`s congressional adviser, Grace (Regina King, « Daddy Day Care ») is horrified when Rudd gives Elle her seal of approval, but she wins the mouse Renna (Mary Lynn Rajskub, « Punch-Drunk Love ») and Timothy (J Barton). When she begins her fight to win Energy and Trade Committee Chair Libby Hauser (Dana Ivey, « Two Weeks Notice ») and Congressman Stanford Marks (Bruce McGill, « The Legend of Bagger Vance ») to her cause, Elle`s political loyalties under the radar give her unexpected friends and enemies. While one wishes Witherspoon would move on to the avant-garde indie fare that first caught her eye, she turned Elle Woods` character into a sitzy dichotomy of blonde ambition. She de Witherspoon is always optimistic and able to raise or lower the mood of the audience with the corners of her mouth. New to « Blonde 2 » is Bob Newhart as Sidney Post, a politically astute hotel doorman who leads Elle through Washington`s minefields. Jennifer Coolidge`s strange talents (« A Mighty Wind, » « Legally Blonde ») are much better used as a real support than as a subplot. Alanna Ubach and Jessica Cauffiel also return as Serena and Margot, two Delta Nu who know how to use room 216`s indoor pool. All of these characters, with the exception of Newhart, naturally play large caricatures, as do Ivey and McGill as experienced veterinarians convinced by Elle.

Field is reserved and not particularly convincing as a former glam girl. Luke Wilson plays Emmett as a man who has been crushed by the Elle machine and exists in a state of dizzy wonder. « Legally Blonde 2 » is running out of steam at its peak, but it`s full of adorable little disposable moments. In the middle of the Harvard class, Emmett`s cell phone rings to the tune of « Here Comes the Bride. » The Elle apartment is decorated with an Andy Warhol style print by Bruiser. She is hosting her wedding in Fenway Park and her wedding stilettos come with pink gemstone cleats. (Again, Sophie Carbonell`s costume design is a star in itself.) On the phone from Boston to Washington, Emmett plays Jimmy Stewart`s Mr.

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