Why Business Development as a Career

Why Business Development as a Career

What for? Because according to a survey we conducted among 1000+ business developers around the world, there is not much knowledge in their companies. Being in business development jobs doesn`t mean you have to spend your entire life in this role. This can be a stepping stone to other roles. You can choose whether you want to be a marketing manager, a PR manager, or a communications manager in related fields. Business development leaders are often known for having an open-minded and dynamic personality. In addition, those who are most successful in networking are the sociable ones. However, if they are highly motivated to find new opportunities, they can also work independently. At this point, you should have a clear idea of what a career in business development looks like. Now, the million-dollar questions: Organizations value an experienced business development professional because of their essential work responsibility for their organization`s livelihood.

Jobs in business development require professionals to work with different teams, and this can then be used in a variety of roles for future opportunities. A Business Development Manager is responsible for leading a team of BDRs and starting the sales process, which includes qualified marketing and sales leads. This position takes on additional responsibilities for managing individual contributors and overseeing all aspects of the sales pipeline. Business developers need to stay informed about today`s market in order to effectively exploit growth opportunities. They are expected to have specialized knowledge about their target audience and connect with potential customers to generate new business. Innovative companies take a holistic approach to business development, which means that as a BD, you are truly responsible for all of the above areas. Realistically, however, most companies focus their BD efforts on one or the other. One of the things that amazes me the most is that working in business development is almost like a movie. Every day is completely different from the other and you just have to accept the challenge. In business development, it is simply not possible to feel comfortable, and it will push you to your limits. You will discover many new qualities and improve existing ones.

They are also expected to take care of existing customers and encourage loyalty. However, their main task is to build completely new relationships. Business development requires a wide range of skills, from marketing to sales to project management and more. Then come the communication skills that perfectly complement any profession. As a business developer, you will have to present your ideas to the team, write reports, close deals, negotiate with suppliers, which would require exceptional social and communication skills. Another skill that business developers need is street intelligence and presence of mind. It is not always easy to identify new business opportunities. And even if they are spotted, the task of grabbing them by the reins is not child`s play. Successful business developers are promoted to strategic planner. To get here, it takes on average about 6-7 years as a business developer.

Strategic planners, also known as enterprise developers, develop strategies for business development. Like the brand leaders of management consultants, strategic planners design big ideas and goals for their business because of their considerable experience as business developers. Among them, they have a passionate crowd of business developers trying to put these « big plans » into action for the company. Whether you`re already in the field or looking to get into business development, it`s no secret that you need strong enough sales skills to succeed. If you`re worried about not being the most talented salesperson, don`t worry yet. Many of the most successful business development professionals knew almost nothing about the industry before launch. Instead, they committed to learning something new every day and getting better. Initially, you can work as a Business Development Manager. There is a lot of potential for upward mobility; The next step could be as a business development manager or chief operating officer.

Since the role of the position is the most measurable of any other area, it offers many benefits once you reach the goal. In some cases, the goals are difficult to achieve, but it is certain that the professionals in this career option are the best rewarded. The most important thing is that you are not alone in your BD professional journey and you can count on us to accompany you every step of the way! We have spent the last 3 years researching and understanding the field of business development. You can be great if you have strong interpersonal and leadership skills, enthusiasm, numbers and sales strategies to follow, and the power to work under pressure. If you`re good at understanding and convincing people, a career as a business development manager can be fun. When you work in business development, you have a simple and unique mission: pursue strategic opportunities and create value for an organization. If you work in-house, you take on this mission for your employer. If you work for an agency, you can take on this assignment for one or more clients. In this article, we`ll cover everything you need to know about business development. These include a typical career path, core skills, and tips for success. When you reach this point, you`ll enjoy discussing with senior management how to generate long-term growth opportunities. You are fully committed to the strategic development of your business and think about the future.

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