Word Definition Mucker

Word Definition Mucker

Later Monday, the digging machine — a front-end loader modified for mining and called a mucker — will be put into operation, allowing it to work faster and safer. Anyone would have done it, anyone who wasn`t a mucker, I mean. My former GSFWC mucker, Jim Steel, pointed out that Gwyneth Jones had checked INK in today`s Guardian, so I took a copy. and I was even happier when I realized that my review is just below Audrey Niffenengger`s review of Kelly Link`s MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS. So she found that she was both safer and less secure because the mucker was her companion. His voice had a hint of bitterness; She didn`t like coming as a mucker, and she hadn`t been told she couldn`t take the exams. Fighting for money; hoard; to make common or to save: a word that was used by Geoffrey Chaucer and that still remains in conversation. Find out which words work together and create more natural English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. Workers who had lowered a remote-controlled excavation machine called Mucker into the mine to speed up rescue efforts were waiting for an electrical component to arrive so they could use a larger capacity excavator. So we gave him a job as a « mucker » in chemical experiments.

The fact is that « mucker » is a mistake to think that there is a singular « American » view of things. « I must have been a terrible mucker, » Gerda whispered after a pause. The mucker in the mine must belong to the same union as the man operating the drill. The thought of the play brought her a touch of despair – the pretty Miss Clegg was at the party with this Medford « mucker ». Thank you, not always – I`ve been a bastard more than once in my life! A mucker in the mines was the worker who shovelled the earth, stone and water that fell from the explosion to the bottom of the mine, in man`s cars. Woe betide the previous drilling team who forgot to lay planks to facilitate the work of the mucker. Prior to Tuesday`s change of plan, workers had used a remote-controlled excavation machine called Mucker and advanced a total of 39 feet into the collapsed area, estimated at 75 feet. Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press! Find the answers online with Practical English Usage, your go-to guide to problems in English. A kind of worker in the construction of the first aqueduct in Los Angeles, who extracted the debris.

muk′ėr, n. an angry person, a hypocrite, especially a follower of the sect of J. W. Ebel von Königsberg, suspects dirty practices. A reproach for a humble or vulgar worker to scratch together like money, by an average job, or shifts.

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