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World Legal Docket Podcast

The Supreme Court first considered the constitutionality of mandatory vaccination laws in Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905). In this episode, hosts Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough explore this decision and the cases it developed. You`ll hear from legal experts, doctors, a COVID-19 patient, and a pastor offering insightful interviews on this complex debate. If you are listening to a podcast, please open the Podcast Republic app. Available in the Google Play Store. Moderators Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough provide an overview of a handful of cases from the upcoming Supreme Court term, including legal issues related to copyright, Catholic adoption agencies, the Affordable Care Act, and freedom of speech on campus. David Nakhla 1 October 2020 A carefully balanced analysis of the most important issues of the Supreme Court, presented in such a way as to inform the auditor about many subtleties of our legal system while getting an idea of the personality of the nine justices of the Supreme Court through excerpts from the different proceedings. So well done! Both enjoyable and educational!! David Smith August 23, 2022 These reviews of Supreme Court decisions are mini-law courses! They take the time to clearly explain the legal principles that led to the litigation and to explain how the case was argued and decided. Listening is time well spent for those who do not have the legal knowledge to get started directly by reading decisions. Susan Grant Sep 12, 2021 Extremely well written and produced. Explains complex legal issues in a balanced and understandable manner. Legal Docket is a production of WORLD Radio.

Other podcasts include The World and Everything in It, Listening In, Effective Compassion, and The Olasky Interview. Support WORLD in Impressive! Thank you for taking a week off to review court cases and tell us Virginia Prodan`s story! A very contemporary book for a time like this in America. The Supreme Court is considering issues of evidentility and jury bias arising from the trial of one of the Boston Marathon bombers. Hosts Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough look at Kansas v. Glover, a case involving a routine traffic stop. In 2016, a Kansas sheriff drove the license plates of a truck down the road. The state`s database revealed that the vehicle`s owner had a suspended license. The sheriff stopped the driver, even though he was not violating any other traffic rules at the time. The nine Supreme Court justices had to decide whether the driver`s protections under the 4th Amendment against improper searches had been violated. Moderators Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough trace wastewater from the Supreme Court building to the Potomac River as they examine how the County of Maui v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund continues to shape the Clean Water Act.

In 2018, the state of Montana shut down a scholarship program after noticing that parents were using the money to send children to religious schools. The state asserted that this was not religious discrimination. In this episode, you will learn from the applicants why they decided to challenge this decision all the way to the Supreme Court in Espinoza v. Montana. Hosted by Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough. Anchors and lawyers Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough take us behind the scenes of the Supreme Court as they speak with two lawyers who have heard cases before all nine justices. Over the next nine weeks, you`ll be listening to Legal Docket on Saturdays via The World and Everything in It. Episode 1 is available this week. We also publish Legal Docket as a standalone series and release new episodes every Tuesday. So if you want to listen earlier or help others find this program, you can sign up by searching for Legal Docket in Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to it.

Virginia Prodan worked as a lawyer in communist Romania under dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. He sent a man to murder him. Instead, Prodan bore witness to Christ for him. Moderators Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough analyze Hernández v. Mesa, a case involving a cross-border shooting. In 2010, a U.S. Border Patrol agent shot and killed a Mexican teenager who was standing on Mexican soil. Can the boy`s parents sue the border guard for damages? Former child slaves on West African cocoa plantations are suing American chocolate companies. In this case, it will be checked whether the Aliens Tort Act covers such claims. WORLD Radio transcripts are prepared on an expedited basis. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Accuracy and availability may vary.

The authoritative recording of the WORLD Radio broadcast is the audio recording. When California`s attorney general sought confidential information about charitable donors, charities on both the left and right fought back. Alexandra Lee Sep 16th, 2020 In Legal Docket, you`ll find a fascinating, accessible and insightful review of each case and the underlying issues on every page.

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